Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 1 Recovery - Tonsillectomy

Day 1 went pretty good. A little better than I thought. I was actually more tired today than the day of surgery.

My appetite wasn't very good in the morning, so I only had a few banana popsicles and some jello. I continued to ice the outside of my neck, as well, as drink a ton of water and gatorade. I must be going to the bathroom once an hour.

Most of the afternoon was spent catching up on my tv shows and watched a few movies. The pain in my throat isn't that bad at all. I tried some warm tea, but that just didn't feel or taste good.

I was able to get down some warm chicken noodle soup broth for supper. My appetite seems to be getting better, so I am drinking a lot of Ensure and Slimfast. Tastes good and seems to do the trick.

At night, I could barely keep my eyes open, fighting off my sleep so I could watch the Iowa vs Iowa State game. My body seems to be getting progressively sore. Feels like someone sat on my chest, and my shoulders and joints are pretty stiff.

Overnight, I slept good, but continue to get up to take my pain pills. My throat is pretty sore to start the day, and my body is really stiff.

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