Sunday, December 14, 2008

Day 2 Recovery - Tonsillectomy

Well, day 2 of recovery wasn't too bad, except for the fact that the UNI Panthers blew a golden opportunity, which caused me to yell louder than I should have.

I continue to only sleep for about 2 hrs at a time so my throat doesn't dry up. In the morning of day 2, I was simply exhausted. I got up to shower, drink some liquids, and that was about it. i think I went back to sleep and woke up around noon or so.

I was able to eat some warm chicken broth from some soup, which tasted great. My appetite is definitely there, but I know better than to try anything. I might try some mashed potatoes on Day 3.

In the afternoon, my fatigue continued, but I wouldn't let it stop me from watching the UNI game. Which, looking back, I should have slept.

My "eating" continues to be basically Ensure, Slim-fast, Jell-o, and applesauce.

At night, my tongue started to get really sore which makes it a little tricky to talk and swallow. It's something i wasn't expecting.

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