Friday, December 12, 2008

Surgery Day - Tonsillectomy

9:00am or so I go back to the prep room. Just the basics, the give me the iv and some relaxers. I vaguely remember being wheeled back and moved to a different bed. That's about it.

I woke up groggy, as you would expect, around 10am I think. But better than I expected. I stayed at the recovery room until 1pm or so. I had some problems breathing due to the pain medication they were giving me. It might my throat "lock up" a little and since I breathe through my mouth, it freaked me out.

When I got home, I got settled downstairs, and started to ice my entire throat. Drank alot of water and ate some ice chips. Surprisingly, I didn't sleep much the entire day. I was concentrating on drinking and ice and had a pretty good day.

I was able to eat some jello in the afternoon and for supper. I tried a half a bottle of ensure for some calories, it tasted good, but didn't feel great to my stomach.

At night I got a little nauseous and that feeling continues on Recovery Day 1. Which sucks because if it continues I have to take a suppository. Too much information for ya?

I slept on and off from 11pm to 8am. Getting up every so often to drink some water and keep up on my pain medicine.

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