Monday, December 15, 2008

Day 3 Recovery - Tonsillectomy

This day was by the worst I have felt since the surgery. Not one single part of me feels good. The weird part is my tongue hurt on this day, more than anything else.

I am still drinking a boat load of water. However, my stomach is not feeling well, thus I am not able to "eat" much of anything. For dinner, it was all I could do to get down a few Ensures. Some apple-sauced jell-o went down really good and that pretty much what I'm running on.

I took a nap over lunch so I could be awake for the Vikings game. After the game, I made a malt with Strawberry Slim-fast, ice cream, and a banana. It was really good, but did not sit real well and made my mouth kind of hurt. Hopefully, I will be able to make that again soon.

I tried to eat some beef broth for supper, but that stuff was nasty. The thought of it makes my stomach ill again.

At night, I found it was best if I slept sitting upright and not laying down.

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