Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day 4 Recovery - Tonsillectomy

Day 4 of recovery did not get much better than day 3. I slept too much in the morning and missed my icing and water time before breakfast. I tried to eat a little bit, but my tongue was sore.

I went for a ride to drop off my kids at daycare, turns out to be a bad idea. I got lightheaded and my stomach started to hurt. When I returned home, I sat down and had some water plus some jello. Eating a little bit, seemed to make me feel better.

I was able to rest in the afternoon and enjoy some movies, however, my tongue increasingly became a problem. I finally looked and noticed bruising and weird spots, as well as cold sores. Peachy huh. Since then, chloroseptic has been my friend.

At night, I had a good night sleep, this time I moved the humidifier a little closer. The only bad thing was I slept too much and got my medicine timing mixed up. Day 5 will go into details about that.

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